Fast Food Industry: Achieving Higher Sales for Low-Cal Fast Food Chain

By optimizing its campaign using Bright “ToastMySub*,” a globally recognized fast casual food chain lowered its CPE and one-upped its competition.

The challenge:

The fast food industry in LATAM has evolved similarly to its NA counterpart. Both consumers and marketers are trying to find a balance between low price and low calorie options. With lower cost chains and local options waging price wars, our client was struggling to gain market share.

Their campaign:

Hopeful but cautious, Toastmysub decided to start testing out Datagran exclusively within its Argentinian market. The client wanted to achieve interactions at a lower cost, so it used Bright to launch an engagement campaign. Bright ran several permutations of the client’s ads in order to determine the creative assets and copy that targets were most responsive to. Then, Bright adjusted the campaign to include the variables it found would maximize engagement.

Soon enough, the real-time results the client saw, led its team to expand their Bright efforts to include the chain’s Colombian and Mexican markets.

The Results:

In Argentina, the eatery’s social campaign saw a:

523% reach increase
228% engagement lift
• 71% cost reduction

The Colombian campaign achieved:

60.7% increase in engagement
• 88% CPE reduction

Additionally, the campaign in Mexico achieved a:

• 7.8% increase in engagement
• 7.24% reduction in cost per engagement

The result:

The client was so pleased by the initial campaign results in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico that we now optimize their campaigns in a total of seven Latin American countries (Argentina, Colombia, México, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia). We are proud to count ToastMySub among the growing list of 3500+ Datagran clients.

*Client name’s been changed for the purposes of this article.

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