Automotive Industry: Dealers Win in the Race for Efficient Lead Generation

Securing leads can be an expensive endeavor in Colombia’s thriving automotive industry. That’s unless you’re using big data to optimize your marketing.

The Challenge:

As Latam’s 5th largest economy, Colombia’s market is booming in every aspect and its automotive industry is no exception. As of 2017, the country was home to 8 vehicular assembly plants. Domestically produced cars accounted for one third of its car sales, while the remaining portion of its market was dominated by export vehicles. Needless to say, due to its infrastructure and GDP, securing potential customers does not come cheap for Colombian car dealers.

In order to get the most leads out of their ad budgets, two dealerships turned to Datagran. (Please note, both the dealerships’ and their car makes’ names have been changed for this case study.)

The first, “Colcar” is the authorized distributor of 3 major car brands.

• “Jon Dao” a globally recognized Japanese carmaker.
• “Aü Diech” a German-native luxury vehicle brand.
• “H-Brand” a Korean passenger and commercial vehicle brands

The second client, KICOL is dedicated to selling “Kilo” brand vehicles, a world-known South Korean make.

Their campaigns:

Colcar identified which geographic locations housed qualified leads for all of its brands.

In order to secures those prospects as efficiently as possible, Colcar’s team optimized a lead generation campaign for JonDao, Au Diech, and H-Brand cars within those specific locations through Bright. The geographical targets were the Colombian municipalities of Bogotá, Cajicá, Chía, La Calera, Sopó, Tabio, Tenjo, and Zipaquirá.

Kicol, on the other hand, approached us for help generating leads for four of its “Kilo” models, a sedan, two hatchbacks, and a CUV. The ads, promoting limited time financing specials, ran on both Instagram and Facebook using Datagran Bright.

Their success:

Colcar’s lead generation campaigns resulted in:

⸰ 58.73% increase in leads
⸰ A 37% decrease in cost per lead
⸰ 47 new potential clients for Jon Dao
⸰ 160 new potential clients for Au Diech
⸰ 502 new potential clients for H-Brand

Kicol’s financing campaign’s results are also worth noting:

• The CUV ads generated:

• 11 new leads = a 5% increase
• 5.05% drop in CPL from US$3.79 to US$3.60

• The Kilo Sedan ads generated:

• 337 new leads = a 164% increase
• 72.05% drop in CPL from US$3.79 to US$1.44

• The Rio Hatchback ads generated:

• 217 new leads = an 84% increase
• 45.70% drop in CPL from US$3.16 to US$1.72

• The Kilo Sedan B ads generated:

• 298 new leads = a 63% increase in leads
• 38.61% drop in CPL from US$1.67 to US$1.03

The results:

When it comes to high-involvement purchases such as cars, dealerships know that every lead counts. With Bright, both clients scored new leads at lower costs. Both clients were pleased, to say the least. As for Datagran, we were elated to further empower the Colombian economy.

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