Alcoholic Beverage Industry: Breweries Optimize Campaigns to Stop Budgets from Getting Wasted

A savvy client uses AI to boost customer engagement in Latam’s brimming beer landscape.

The Challenge:

The Latin American beer industry is largely dominated by a select group of multinational companies. Not unlike the global market, the regional one contains a small number of major players who’ve merged and acquired their way into owning substantial brand portfolios.

In addition, consumers in the emerging markets of Central and South America and the Caribbean are beginning to shift their focus from mass-produced beers to local brews and IPAs. For the establishment brewers, changing consumer interests means they must step up their marketing efforts beyond pricing, using their marketing efforts to earn target’s volatile loyalties.

The Campaign:

CM, a globally recognized brewing company, boasts a portfolio of over 50 beer labels. Until recently, CM has had to compete almost exclusively against other multinationals. However, in the last couple of years, the industry landscape has broadened to include other small but mighty players. (Client name has been changed for the purposes of this article.)

In order to keep its market share, CM decided to pursue engagement with its customers via social media. In order to make sure its marketing spend yielded maximum ROI, the client ran the campaign through Bright.

The Success:

CM’s social media campaign on Bright yielded more efficient engagements than the client’s previous efforts with other solutions. To be exact the campaign resulted in:

A 43% drop in cost per engagement.

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